vrijdag 31 juli 2009

another project..

Like I'm not busy with other things, I just started a new one ;)
But he just wanted to come out, so I made him.
It has been for long that I seiously tried to make something with polymer again, besides the smaller things..
Me, myself (and I, grinn) like the result so far. I'm going for a full sculpt, if this doesn't work out I will leave it a buste...

Have a lovely weekend!!


maandag 27 juli 2009

different projects...

It has been awhile, o well, when the kids have their holidays, claying or creating for that matter is kept low.
Yesterday my hubby took the kids to the forests, so I had some time to myself and worked on a new dragon for a twigged circle and a little fellow for a latern.
I had the nerve to go a bit further with the dragon buste, it is still not the way I want it, but hopefully some day...

O, and I tried a woblling dragon type, a long way from finished...

Have a nice day...



And still laying around projects:

woensdag 1 juli 2009

Steampunk dragon

Yesterday I started the steampunk dragon, had the spirit to do it ;)
Hubby was playing really nice in the background with his guitar...
I started out with wire for the arms, but they didn't seem to get in the right way, so I got them out and will in another stadium attach them again.

The start is there...
we'll see where it gets from here.

The eyes is an experiment of a neutral glass lens with paint underneath..

to be continued....

painting griffin...

Last saturday I had the chance to paint the griffin with good, normal daylight, instead of a daylight lamp. For the Griffin it was important, because of the colorscheme, it was so hard to tell if it was right or not.

I like the way the colors got closer to each other and will stop the paint job, afraid to ruin the effect it has right now.
Perhaps I will put some little ascessoires to it, but that's it.

Hope you like it!

If I want to experient more, I will start a new griffin/dragon to start from scratch again.

love, Andrea