woensdag 18 november 2009

St Maarten

the 11th of November it was St. Maarten, the children walk by the doors to collect candy after singing songs and showing their own made lantern.
Allas were Ian and Anouschka ill, they could show theirs for a quick moment to their big sister and then had to go inside again, it was a pity they wanted to go so much, but their big sister collected so much candy she decided to share it with them...



Kayleigh with her girlfriends

love, Andrea

1 opmerking:

  1. Oh no, poor kids.
    Their lanterns were so gorgeous.
    I hope they will get a lot of candy next year.
    We only had 4 kids at our door so we had to eat all the snickers, twix etc by our selfs, poor me gnagnagna