dinsdag 8 december 2009


Sinterklaas has left the country again.
The kids had a lovely time celebrating it at school, at home and a little party at my hubbies work.
The excitement and joy of the festivities and presents.... the old habit of putting their shoes in front of the fireplace... with gifts for the saint and his black Pieter ;), in return they get some candy or a little present...
The 5th of December there was a big bag with tons of presents for the children put out at the door, waiting for them to be opened..

here some impression of the party at the kindergarten of Ian, at work and at home.
Have fun...

(these are from work, they had a short story with some of the black pieters ;) and lots of candy)

(photos from kindergarten some of the kids were dressed up like st. nick and black pieter ;) )

(the kids opening the presents, the smallest one is our boy, but he like the dress too much, 'cause if he spinned the dress would float in the air, so that 's way ;) )

(my mum, René(hubby) with my "little" brother and my dad)

love, Andrea

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  1. Dank je voor de reactie op mijn kerstkaart.
    Leuke foto's. Schattig die kinderen.
    Het is echt genieten van de Sint met kinderen.
    Ik geniet ook weer opnieuw van dit feest door mijn kleinkinderen.
    Is rené (hubby) de man van ES?