dinsdag 29 juni 2010


it has been some time now, due to some work on the apartment where we live.
We had to leave the house for two weeks because they made some heavy changes in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. And now it is up to us, to make everything neat and liveable again.
Hopefully we get a lot of work done by the end of this week..
And more important for you guys, that I can get back into creating again, although by the 9th of July the kids will have their summer holidays, but we will see how things goes..
Love and have fun! Andrea

6 opmerkingen:

  1. pfoeeeiihoeihoeii! maak je ook ff wat fotos wanneer alles er weer heel mooi uitziet? :-)

  2. Hay meis,

    Tjeempie wat een werk hé?
    Maar het moet eerst een bende zijn wil het een beetje opknappen...tenminste dat zegt mijn man altijd.
    Maarre...laat je ook het eindresultaat nog effies zien?

    Succes met alles hoor!


  3. ohhhh, dat wordt even klussen........en even geen tijd voor iets anders
    good luck!

  4. "Oh I know what you are going through, we had to go to our parents to bathe" Good luck with it all" Look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. xxx

  5. So much work and so little time!!!

    We completely remodeled our house 15 years ago... each room down to the studs! What an adventure that was...

    Looking forward to seeing the end result!!! And you can get back creating!

    Where's that mouse?
    : )

  6. LOL Thanks for the correction on the Dutch artists... I needed that... I just found Hennie so endearing... like an elf ~: ) and I love Marlaine and Ankie!!! I've met them time and time again...

    Hope your remodel is getting closer to done!