zondag 12 december 2010


hi, just a quick note, again ;) , the x-mas tree is up and we love it.

not the best of photos but will give you a impression.
further I'm busy step by step and probably in the wrong order with a display fantasy house, here some picture, mind I bought in October an from then on step by step am trying things out.
have fun!

love, Andrea

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Andrea your Tree looks wonderful. Love the Garland looks so delicate running through the Tree. Looking forward to seeing more posts on your Gate House..x

  2. *Debbie those light strings are called clustered lights here. I like the effect very much, just a little extra ;)
    mmm and the Gatehouse, perhaps I started the wrong way, but alas so I can see where I'm going to, or at least where I want to go to ;)thank you for your respond xxx

  3. Nou leuk rozen in een Kerstboom. Zelfgemaakt?

    Ook mooi dat huisje wat je aan het maken bent!

    Groetjes Janny.

  4. I love the tree too and that kit is great. I spy a witches hat making table, wonderful! cant wait to see this project evolve! Kate xxx