vrijdag 16 september 2011

self made present boxes with miniatures

Good morning,
here you can see some of the present boxes I made filled with miniatures.
Three with x-mas shabby chic style theme and three with halloween shabby chic style theme.
In the colours blue, pink and green, all off tone colours. I put some stick stuff to it, so you can easily get the items from the boxes and put them in your houses or else where.
Have a lovely day!

Love, Andrea

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi andrea , wat maak jij toch super schatigge , mooie hebbedingen
    Diane xxx

  2. hoi diane, dank je ;), draken bouwen wil momenteel niet, dus doe mijn best maar op andere fronten.... xxx

  3. Hallo Andrea, hoe gaat het? En de familie? Dat heb je leuk gemaakt die present boxes!

    Groetjes Janny.

  4. Fabulous! What a great idea to do a 'kit' in each box.

  5. * hoi Janny, hier is alles weer in orde ;) en bedankt voor het compliment, xxx
    * Eliana, glad you like the idea, perhaps something I can do for etsy too.