maandag 22 oktober 2012

elfs shoes

hi all,
the last bits and pieces are slowly coming together, have to 'cause the fair is upcoming weekend ;)
Made some elf shoes, for fun, x-mas tree decoration or ...they fit most of the MSD ball jointed dolls!
Besides that, when I was too busy with my health, last summer, but was bored, I started at some crazy quilt pieces for bags. That was something easy to work on, laying in bed ...
And two of them are finished....
Have fun en enjoy your life!

 xxx, Andrea

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ziet er beeldig uit vooral die elfenschoentjes en de tassen zijn ook beeldschoon veel succes dit weekend lieve groetjes Danielle

  2. Hallo Andrea
    wat schattig al dat kleine spul,
    Groetjes Marja