maandag 6 mei 2013

Dabida Award 2013

In a previous post, I shared with you that my piece, midsummer dance, was one of the three entries that was going to compete for the Dabida award 2013. I now can let you all know that my piece won the second place! I'm so proud and blown away by the fact this really happened.
All three of the entries were beautiful and so different from another. 
The members of Dabida were very kind and warm-hearted. This made the day even more special.

 Astrid Mulder
 Esther Verschoor
 Lydia Dekker
 Kim van de Wetering
 Kathleen Engelen
 Marijke van Ooijen
 Gelske Koopmans
 Marlaine Verhelst
 Tine Kamerbeek
 Kamilla Meesters
Caroline van Stiphout

If you would like to see more pictures,
you can see some pictures of the Dabida day 2013 here: Pictures
Pictures of the three entries and their places here: Pictures

The theme for next year will be: Transformation.

Who knows, maybe I will give it another try.

love, and have fun, Andrea

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