zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Dragon buste...

I've been bussy today with building a huge dragon for hanging on the wall.
I wanted to this for a very long time now and due to finding the blog of Misty Oakley
( )
she makes some really nice dragons.
I saw she uses a PU form for t
he base of building a huge dragon.
So I ordered myself some PU shape of a deer and some glass eyes and started this morning.
I am making it with air drying clay, premier and had alot of scaling to do, over 5 hours, pfffff, got a sore wrist now
first attempt with styropor and cardboard and stuff...

The new one...

stay tuned.........

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  1. Wow, He's beautiful, good for you, don't they make great armatures for the dragons? I love the ears! I will enjoy watching his progress! Have fun and they are a lot of work aren't they! Cheers,