maandag 11 mei 2009

Misty Mountains

Hi there,

This blog is for the art of Misty Mountains.
I hope you will enjoy it.

love, Andrea

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your work andrea and I'm so glad you found me so I could find you!

  2. Hi Andrea, I think I saw your work at Ahoy some years ago this possible ? and I really enjoyed it ! Love your sleeping dragon ! Can´t wait to see more from you.
    Welcome to Blogland !

  3. Hi Pattee,
    I'm figuring out how to reply here ;)

    Love to see you here, Andrea

  4. Hi Silke,
    Yes I've been to Ahoy a few years now. So it is possible that you saw my work live.
    Perhaps one day I will go to Germany to attend a show.