maandag 19 oktober 2009

Beastly deer

the last piece is finished for the show this week.
Called it beastly deer, don't know another original name for it ;) .
The painting was a hell of a job, 'cause it is in colours that I don't use much, at least not on polymer and apoxie.
Hope you like it, me, I have to get used to it ;)

have fun! Andrea

ps. we will have an little Halloween party with friends and the kids, jippie!!!
mmm, making dragon legs and mmm, let me think what would be fun to do...
I will at least take the grime with me, to make them pretty faces scary, if they want it ;))

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow is he ever so wonderful!
    He's going to be a smash hit at the show!!!
    Have fun Andrea!

  2. Wonderful! I love the length of the shelf on the top of the base and the position of your beastly deer. There's something in the composition that hints at a sudden dashing forward and leaping into the sky.

    And I'm quite taken with the length of your design. The body feels long and lean - perfect for looping flights.

  3. Thank you Andrea for your wonderful comment on my witch~
    I entered you for the giveaway~

  4. Magnificent, what wonderous work you do!!!

  5. kingunicorn,
    I'm always glad that one can find their story in the things I make, that makes me feel I'm on the right track ;)

  6. Flora, thanks for the compliments, I like your work too...