maandag 12 oktober 2009

different projects

the fair is coming closer every day now, and I have so much to do in so little time.
Here some pictures, some in progress some finished.
have fun and until soon!

love, Andrea

this last one is some what inspired by Pat, only not a troll but al dragon kind of figure.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. WOW Andrea! They're really take my breath away!
    Absolutely gordious ;-)

  2. I love all of them Andrea! You are very talented doing dragons.. but I know you do so much more!

    Thank you for linking my name to your dragon plaque~
    That is one of the cutest dragons I've seen~
    Good luck at the fair I'll keep my fingers crossed you sell many many pieces!

  3. Everything is beautiful. I would love to be able to make dragons are your are fantastic!

    Nikki xxx

  4. Oops, all of my comment didnt go through then.

    I hope you get lots done for the fair too!

    Nikki xxx

  5. Pattee, thanks dear, but it is the truth, got inspired by your troll ;)

  6. Nikki,
    Thanks, dragons aren't that hard to do.. I just have fun making them and it grows out of my hands ;) like I'm allowed to make them...;)