dinsdag 22 december 2009

very merry x-mas

I wish everybody happy holidays!

(our x-mas tree)

Enjoy the moments with your beloved ones, capture the precious moments in your heart and take life like an adventure.

(Ian, Anoushka, Kayleigh and friend at the x-mas dinner at school)

We sure do! especially with all the snow at the moment ;) .

(The girls climbing) (Kayleigh rolling down the snowy hill) (Anouschka making a snowman)

(René and Ian riding the sledge)

Hugs, love and best wishes for you all!

Love, Andrea

dinsdag 8 december 2009


Sinterklaas has left the country again.
The kids had a lovely time celebrating it at school, at home and a little party at my hubbies work.
The excitement and joy of the festivities and presents.... the old habit of putting their shoes in front of the fireplace... with gifts for the saint and his black Pieter ;), in return they get some candy or a little present...
The 5th of December there was a big bag with tons of presents for the children put out at the door, waiting for them to be opened..

here some impression of the party at the kindergarten of Ian, at work and at home.
Have fun...

(these are from work, they had a short story with some of the black pieters ;) and lots of candy)

(photos from kindergarten some of the kids were dressed up like st. nick and black pieter ;) )

(the kids opening the presents, the smallest one is our boy, but he like the dress too much, 'cause if he spinned the dress would float in the air, so that 's way ;) )

(my mum, René(hubby) with my "little" brother and my dad)

love, Andrea

woensdag 2 december 2009


In between the chaos around the holidays and birthdays I challenge myself with making an kind of vampire ;)

have a great look !

love, Andrea

woensdag 18 november 2009

pocket dragons

I finally could finish two little pocket dragons, they are made in empty pocket watches.
One is a bit a chinese little dragon and the other one is a kind of steampunk dragon.
I put also some comparison photos with it, to show that they are rather small.

Chinese pocket

steampunk pocket

compare photos

Love, Andrea

St Maarten

the 11th of November it was St. Maarten, the children walk by the doors to collect candy after singing songs and showing their own made lantern.
Allas were Ian and Anouschka ill, they could show theirs for a quick moment to their big sister and then had to go inside again, it was a pity they wanted to go so much, but their big sister collected so much candy she decided to share it with them...



Kayleigh with her girlfriends

love, Andrea

maandag 9 november 2009

Misty Mountains Award

hi all,
I've created this award for all the followers of my blog. I want to thank you all for the lovely comments on my work and different posts.
It gives you the energy and the boost an artist needs to do her job ;)
So, thank you all very very much! Big hug...

Love, Andrea

donderdag 5 november 2009

Doll and Bear fair Ahoy 2009

hi there,
we have returned from the fair at Ahoy.
We all had a lovely time and super fun.
Lots of nice reactions especially with my new work.
the steampunk dragon, the dragonbuste and the beastly deer were a big hit.
My Odin for the challenge this year, Mythology, was also a big hit.

love, Andrea

ps. pictures of the fair can be seen here "click" [link] , they were taken by Jan Mulder and me..

maandag 19 oktober 2009

Beastly deer

the last piece is finished for the show this week.
Called it beastly deer, don't know another original name for it ;) .
The painting was a hell of a job, 'cause it is in colours that I don't use much, at least not on polymer and apoxie.
Hope you like it, me, I have to get used to it ;)

have fun! Andrea

ps. we will have an little Halloween party with friends and the kids, jippie!!!
mmm, making dragon legs and mmm, let me think what would be fun to do...
I will at least take the grime with me, to make them pretty faces scary, if they want it ;))

zondag 18 oktober 2009


something completely different inbetween ;)
a friend of ours will have an halloweenparty and asked me to make some steampunk stuff and that is so additive to work on/with...
There just in progress but will give you an idea.

Have a nice day!!

Love, Andrea