vrijdag 16 september 2011

self made present boxes with miniatures

Good morning,
here you can see some of the present boxes I made filled with miniatures.
Three with x-mas shabby chic style theme and three with halloween shabby chic style theme.
In the colours blue, pink and green, all off tone colours. I put some stick stuff to it, so you can easily get the items from the boxes and put them in your houses or else where.
Have a lovely day!

Love, Andrea

donderdag 15 september 2011

new miniature work

hi you all,
has been quit some time.
My health is getting better every day now and the children went back to school, so some more playtime for me.
Saturday I will attend a small miniature fair and made some stuff for it, love it!
I made some display houses to show the miniatures I made in. Most of them I made 4 times or so, those will go for sale.
Hope you can enjoy the pictures.

love, Andrea