zondag 25 december 2011

Give away result

Merry Christmas to you all!
The one who won the give away is BiWuBär, Birgit, so please send me an email with your address, and give your preference of colour of the dragon.

Love, Andrea

donderdag 22 december 2011

give away...

Hi everyone,
thank you for joining the give away.
I decided that it will be a little dragon, it needs some touch ups and of course a skin/colour, but perhaps I let the winner of the give away decide which colour it will be.
You can still enter the give away!
Just leave a comment with what you would like to see in my etsy shop.
Read the other post about the give away.

I want to welcome the new followers, hope you enjoy this blog.

And.... I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas with a lot of fun, love and cherishing.

Love, Andrea

woensdag 23 november 2011

Free shipping etsy

hi all,
still figuring out what to do for the give away.....mmm... guess it will have something to do with a dragon... Thank you so far to the ones who already responded to the give away post....

In the meanwhile wanted to let you all know that:
*********from December the 1st until 31 December 2011, you can get ***FREE SHIPPING*** , when your total order amount adds up to € 70.- or more (excl. the shipping costs), you can use the couponcode: HOLIDAYFEVER and get free shipping! *********

Love and have fun!!


woensdag 9 november 2011

etsy, magazine, give away...

hope you're all doing fine.
I received a copy of the magazine, just steampunk! I love it and can be very proud, because they put my very first steampunk dragon in the magazine.

Besides this very happy news, I uploaded some new work to my etsy.

AND finally, I want to do a give-away, yeah! It's about time ;).
Now the big question is, what would you like to have for the give away??
For now a big mystery....something miniature? something shabby? something steampunk?

If you want to joint the draw, just leave a comment here on my blog with the answer to this question:
" What items would you like to see in my etsy store, or what isn't there yet ? "
The drawing will take place on 25th of December 2011.
It is as simple as that.
You are free to make a link for this give away on your own blog or facebook page,
but that's up to you.

The items available for the drawing are for now a surprise, even to me ;), but will upload them as soon as they are finished. So when you're the winner you can make your own choice.
So stay tuned!

Have fun, Andrea!

dinsdag 1 november 2011

new fantasy figure

the fair at Ahoy, doll and bear, was wonderful we had lot's of fun and had many good and nice reviews concerning my work, especially my new pieces ;)
I hop to put some new items in my etsy soon, but first I have to help out a friend at another big fair, so it will be no sooner then next week.
And I hope I finally find the time to do a give way, it's about time to do that ;), don't you think??

Have fun with the picture!

love, andrea

donderdag 20 oktober 2011

busy, busy, busy...

hi all,
Thank you for the new followers and comments on my work.
It has been over a month now that, but I've been quit busy with some work I wanted to finish for the big doll and bear fair, Ahoy, 28 and 29 October.
I finished the buste of the steampunk dragon, and am busy painting a new steampunk dragon and trying to finish up a fantasy figure.
In between I made some small things,

enjoy the picture!

Love, Andrea

vrijdag 16 september 2011

self made present boxes with miniatures

Good morning,
here you can see some of the present boxes I made filled with miniatures.
Three with x-mas shabby chic style theme and three with halloween shabby chic style theme.
In the colours blue, pink and green, all off tone colours. I put some stick stuff to it, so you can easily get the items from the boxes and put them in your houses or else where.
Have a lovely day!

Love, Andrea

donderdag 15 september 2011

new miniature work

hi you all,
has been quit some time.
My health is getting better every day now and the children went back to school, so some more playtime for me.
Saturday I will attend a small miniature fair and made some stuff for it, love it!
I made some display houses to show the miniatures I made in. Most of them I made 4 times or so, those will go for sale.
Hope you can enjoy the pictures.

love, Andrea

woensdag 27 juli 2011

fake cake

Wow over 100 followers, thank you all for who jointed my blog.

I made a fake cake last week for Ian's teacher, who had to leave school, so she could celebrate birthdays of the children in her class at the new school. I made several of those cakes for different teachers over the years, but they still like it, so I love to make it for them ;)

have fun!

Love, Andrea

woensdag 20 juli 2011

little story

Wanted to let you know that Draco the dragon found a lovely new home, but the most fun is that he is playing in a little story now.
Go check the blog of BiWuBären

Have fun!

Love Andrea

maandag 11 juli 2011

part two building houses

hi, here some more pictures of the houses they are 1:12 scale, but less deep, so easier to place before the window or on a shelf or in a bookcase even.
Have fun!

house nr 1 with cardboard

house nr2 with foamboard

house nr 3 foamboard, still in progress.


building little houses

At the moment I'm busy with building little houses, the first one is from cardboard and the newer ones from foamboard, o boy this is way too much fun ;) .
Don't have all the pictures yet, but will upload those soon.
Here are some of the work in progress of the first one build in cardboard.

have fun ! love, Andrea

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

back again...

hi you all,
Welcome to the new followers !
It has been quit a while, last time was in April, then got ill and now it is gradually getting better, so time for some new challenges and finishing up started projects ;).
I painted the steampunk dragon on the clock. It is now completely finished but the most part has been done.
The tollhouse dollhouse has some good working lights now, just have to make some finishing touches to it, but will get there too.

Then I started up a new project, what will it be?? mmm a wall mounted dragon kind of steampunk creature? we will see where it will lead me ;).

Have fun!

love, Andrea