dinsdag 23 juni 2009

Fantasy fair Archeon

Last sunday we went as visitors to Archeon where they held a fantasy fair.
The weather was super and we all had a fun day.
some pictures taken and the link to the album I made, to give you an impression of the fair.
Click Archeon

René , Ian, Anouschka, Kayleigh.

Love, Andrea

Fairy Fantasy anual dollmakers meet

Last saterday we had our anual dollmakers meet, this time with the witch Zwanette.
We had a lot of fun, talked a lot, could get eat our heart out, with all the stuff she has and had lot's of food, like dragonlegs ;).

Let's see what will bring us next year. First of all we are getting slowly ready for Ahoy, the international doll and bear show.

love, Andrea

Who me??

Hannie Sarris and Mariska Mielen; Astrid Mulder

Zwanette Mientjes and Tonia Wezerijn; Corrie van Gossum and Netty Roelofs

Lot's of stuff

(some of the pictures taken, by Saskia Hoeboer and me)

zondag 14 juni 2009

playing around with clay..

I had the change to play around with clay, apoxie and other stuff.
Hopefully the pictures a good enough to show ;)

Have a nice weekend! (what is left of it ;) )



I started this doll about 6 months ago.
And slowely she is progressing.
She is still not finished but I'm getting there.
She has really sweettooth colors.. ;)
But I like it..
I tried a different kind of building a doll with her.

love Andrea

Griffin futher

I altered his eye, in color and the shape a bit.
The head has little scales now and some of the multicolors, like the body ;)

I still have to look for some colorbalance and the maintain to get the neck adjust better to the head, but it will eventually.
The red is still not quit right on the photos it is the most hard color to get right in a picture, but I will keep op trying ;)

be continued...


woensdag 3 juni 2009


I've been bussy all day, yesterday painting the griffin (over 12 hours)...
I don't know yet what to do or if I'm happy or not..
I'm going to take another look at him, but o well it is the perfect trial piece, so I will try everything with it ;)

I do know I have to make the transition (hope this is the right word)between the neck and head more smooth..

so, to be continued....

Love, Andrea