zondag 23 februari 2014

bibberdy, babberdy.....whoopsie

hi all,
Have been some time now, but life happens ;)
For the DABIDA-award 2014, Transformation, I made a little scenery.

Once there was a little witch, she wanted to learn how to use magic, but the wise wizard wouldn't let her.
It would be too dangerous. But she found among the stuff of the wizard a book of spells, she secretly tried a spell for fun. "Bestia animo, I will release the human form, Bestio bestiatta, so it will suit you more, Bestio Anifornum, from now on you're a squirrel....but o no, the wizard who entered at that time, transformed into a squirrel, whoopsy
She made it in the top 10 for now....

Love, Andrea

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